Plas@Par finances by various types of grants, high quality and innovative research projects within the Plas@Par community.
We launch regular calls for projects such as :

  • PhD and Post-doctoral projects
  • Grants for hosting international researchers
  • Equipment and innovative starting projects
  • Master scholarships in partnership with a foreign laboratory

The typical frequency of these calls is once per year. To stay tuned, get information directly via our RSS feed

For conferences, workshops and thematic schools, projects can be submitted all year round.

Previously funded projects are listed here.

Calls in progress

Permanent call

Sponsorship for European projects set-up and organization

PLAS@PAR encourages the organisation of European projects amongst PLAS@PAR members (including associated members) and international partners on subjects related to plasma physics.

We provide support for the organisation of meetings, travel expenses, invitations of partners.

The call is open all year round. The project must be sent to 

The Steering committee will then evaluate the proposal.


Click here to download the application form in DOC

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Permanent call

Sponsorship for conferences, workshops, thematic schools & educative events

PLAS@PAR may support conferences, workshops, thematic schools and educative events related to plasma physics and organized by PLAS@PAR members.

The call is open all year round. The project must be sent to 6 months before the event.

Beyond the global interest for Plasma Physics and the relations with the Labex scientific objectives, the level of funding will depend on:

  • The global impact for the Labex community (composition of the program committee, speakers)
  • The global impact for Sorbonne Universities community
  • The support provided to students and young researchers.

A scientific program including oral contributions from researcher from the labex not belonging to the Scientific Committee will be considered as an added value.

The Steering Committee will then evaluate each proposal.

Click here to download the application form in DOC

Click to download the application form in PDF


A list of funded conferences and events is avalable here.

Autumn Call for Invitations of international experts in 2019

Deadline November 14th 2018, 18:00

PLAS@PAR will fund invitations for international researchers and university teachers to stimulate and foster the PLAS@PAR community. Our motivation is to stimulate emerging work that would not have existed without the help of PLAS@PAR. The mission is limited to a maximum duration of 2 months, funded fully by Sorbonne Université on PLAS@PAR budget.

The details of this call can be found in the documents below.


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Description of the call:

The support from PLAS@PAR given to the project allows structuring the Labex. The call targets an invitation of foreign teachers or researchers (a mission limited to a maximum of 2 months, funded by Sorbonne Université on Labex budget). 
Besides the scientific relevance of the project (including international positioning, aim and expected results of the collaboration), the following criteria will be taken into account during the evaluation process of the proposal by the steering committee:
·     Relevance of the project with respect to the objectives of PLAS@PAR (see below),
·     Cross work between teams of PLAS@PAR,
·     Training activities (seminars, lectures, summer school, etc.)

Comprehensive strategy:

The subject must be relevant to one of the WPs of the PLAS@PAR, which are:
·     WP1:  fundamental processes in plasmas
·     WP2: numerical simulations
·     WP3: innovative experiences and observations
The thematic field of the proposal should cover one of the six themes of the project
 (i) Turbulence, instabilities and energy transport, (ii) magnetic reconnection, (iii) shocks, (iv) matter in extreme conditions, (v) Plasmas in molecular gases, (vi) Interaction of plasmas with solids and liquids.

Download the form in DOC