Each year, Plas@Par recruits several post-doctoral fellows for a period of 1 year (renewable 1 time) and PhD students for a period of 3 years.
We also provide grants for incoming and outgoing Master students.

We welcome applications from excellent and highly motivated candidates of all nationalities. The candidates will be integrated in internationally renowned research groups within the Plas@Par community.

Post-doctoral positions and PhD positions are generally proposed from February/March each year.

Post-doctoral positions:
The candidate will be hired by University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris. The gross salary is around 2700 €/month  (2200 € net), in the case of a starting researcher. It includes Social Security and other various charges. Applications of experimented researchers are also welcome.

PhD Positions:
We encourage applications from candidates with a diploma/master degree. Application deadline is generally at end of May. The appointment will start begining of October. The gross salary is around 1900 €/month  (about 1500 € net) includes Social Security and other various charges.

Other Positions:
Plas@Par offers other positions.



C++ Developer of the HPC code PHARE @ LPP

3D hybrid Particle-In-Cell with adaptive refinement in order to simulate astrophysical plasma processes

The project PHARE (Parallel Hybrid Code with Adaptive mesh REfinement) aims at developing a 3D hybrid Particle-In-Cell with adaptive refinement in order to simulate astrophysical plasma processes. The code is under development in its 1D version. 2D and 3D versions are planned for the end of 2019. Open source and with a flexible interface, the code will serve a broad international community. The team is now looking for a passionate C++ developer with experience in the development of C++ HPC applications.

Contact: Nicolas Aunai (LPP)

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You will join a small team of researchers and engineers and will participate to the project at all levels, from the design to the implementation of the code and its tests. In particular you will be in charge of developing the input component enabling users to set initial conditions or reload a simulation from checkpoints. This will require coupling C++ to a python interface using pybind11. You will also be in charge of the output of simulation data to the disk, using in particular the HDF5 library. You will collaborate with us on the development of the 2D and 3D parts of the code and tests, and help us improve the performance of critical parts of the code.

Your profile:

  • Expert in modern C++ development and good knowledge of the STL
  • Experience in C++ development where performance is important
  • Good knowledge of GIT and team development
  • Experience in the development and debugging of parallel applications (shared/distributed memory)
  • Knowledge of test frameworks such as Google Test
  • Good knowledge of Python
  • Autonomous with linux and unix in general
  • Good level in english (mostly reading/writing)
  • Having an experience in continuous integration is a plus
  • Experience in mesh refinement codes is a plus


You will be based at the Laboratory of Plasma Physics at the Ecole Polytechnique, in Palaiseau.

Salary: from 26k€ to 33k€ net, depending on work experience