CAMPUS - ARTS AND SCIENCE OF PLASMAS: An experience of ionized matter, is a program of artistic and scientific events, resulting from an unprecedented collaboration between the Laboratory of Excellence PLAS@PAR carried by Sorbonne Université and Centre Pompidou.

Our ambition?
Transmitting scientific information - plasma, the fourth state of matter represents 99% of the visible universe - while making links with contemporary creation in all its forms. Actor and spectator, the public is plunged into the heart of the collaborations between physicists and artists.

Thanks to this experience of ionized matter, school audiences, students, teachers and future teachers, as well as researchers, artists and families, will find among the mediation actions, an adaped path to better understand and appreciate the multiple interactions between arts and plasmas.

Dare to immerse!


  • Discover or rediscover the 4th state of matter.
  • Decompartmentalize the scientific, artistic and cultural worlds.
  • Transcending scientific content into works of art.
  • Initiate bridges between scientists and artists.
  • Interrogate the notion of transversal and interdisciplinary transmission.

  • Act 1 / Crossroads arts and sciences of plasmas
    School (secondary and high schools)
    At the Institut des NanoSciences de Paris, the Observatoire de Paris and the Centre Pompidou - all the 2017-2018 school year
  • Act 2 / Teaching and transmission workshops
    Teachers and future teachers in physics-chemistry and plastic arts
    At the Centre Pompidou - FULL - link to media-dossier (experimental)
  • Act 3 / Micro-residency artists and scientists
    Artists, scientists
    At the Radioastronomy station of Nançay (Observatoire de Paris) - February 26th to 28th
    Artists: Agathe Rosa (Marseille), Aurélie Pertusot (Nancy), Cyrille Courte (Tours), Olivier Leroi (Nançay).
  • Act 4 / Workshop at the heart of ionized matter
    Elaboration of a collective work at the crossroads of the arts and the sciences of plasmas and immersion within the process of creation.
    Students and staff of Pierre and Marie Curie and Paris-Sorbonne universities
    On the Pierre et Marie Curie campus on March 7th and the Clignancourt campus on March 14th
  • Act 5 / Campus - arts and science of plasmas: an experience of ionized matter
    Visit of collections and musical moments in the National Museum of Modern Art, conferences and debates, screening of the audiovisual work of the collective Danny Rose, experimental workshop and scientific experiments.
    General public
    At the Centre Pompidou - April 7th and 8th, FULL PROGRAM HERE


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Supported by : Labex PLAS@PAR, Centre Pompidou, Sorbonne Université, CNRS, Observatoire de Paris, Collegium Musicae, École polytechnique, ONERA, ITER, Université Paris Sud, CEA, École normale supérieure, Université de Cergy-Pontoise, European Physical Society (EPS), Région Ile-de-France, Ville de Paris


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Photo credit: Carine Briand, Baptiste Cecconi, Laurent Lamy - LESIA