Equipments and small projects 2016

PF2ABIOMÈDE (Plateforme Francilienne des Plasmas Froids Appliqués à la Biologie et la Médecine)
Grant holder: T. Dufour, LPP

Upgrade of space simulation chamber and diagnostic park for iodine propelled electric propulsion systems
A. Aanesland, LPP

Grant holder: O. Guaitella, LPP

Nonlinear processes in solar wind
Grant holder: K. Krafft, LPP 

Ion charge state distribution analysis
Grant holder: Prigent Christophe, INSP 

Grant holder: N. Aunai, LPP

PLAS@PAR hybrid code
Grant holder: A. Ciardi, Lerma

Electronic processes in laser
Grant holder: A. Dubois, LCPMR

Radiative shock waves at PALS
Grant holder: C. Stehlé, Lerma

SBS - laser plasma amplifier
Grant holder: J. Fuchs, LULI 

Nanosecond pulsed spatially uniform discharge
Grant holder: S. Starikovskaia, LPP




Equipments and small projects 2015

Gas Temperature Measurements by High-Resolution TALIF
Grant holder: J.-P. Booth, LPP

Grant holder: O. Guaitella, LPP

Laser-Induced Ultrafast Melting of Gold Investigated by X-Rays
Grant holder: A. Levy, INSP

Self consistent 2D Full Particle Simulations of the collisionless shock
Grant holder: P. Savoini, LPP

High-resolution VUV emission spectra of multiply charged ions
Grant holder: L. Tchang Brillet, LERMA

High-energy density plasma modelling with the FLASH code 
Grant holder: T. Vinci, LULI

Harmonic generation and Wigner function: diagnosis for ionization dynamics 
Grant holder: R. Taïeb, LCPMR 

A massively parallel Monte-Carlo Collision module for Plas@Par’s codes 
Grant holder: P.-Q. Elias, ONERA


Equipments and small projects 2014

Innovative iodine experiment for the development of the PEGASES thruster
Grant holder: A. Aanesland, LPP

Laser system for LIF/TALIF diagnostics
Grant holder: S. Starikovskaia

Visualisation and spectroscopy of radiative shocks
Grant holder: J. Larour, LPP

Efficient numerical methods for Poisson's equation and the derivation of the electric field: a challenge for low-temperature plasma group
Grant holder: A. Bourdon, LPP

ECLIM 2014
Grant holder: S. Jacquemot, LULI

Laser produced radiative shock waves 
Grant holder: C. Stehlé, LERMA

Harmonic generation and Wigner function: diagnosis for ionization dynamics 
Grant holder: R. Taïeb, LCPMR

Turbulence,magnetic fields and self organization in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas 
Grant holder: L. Vermare, LPP


Equipments and small projects 2013

Grant holder: O. Guaitella, LPP

Realization of NEPTUNE acceleration System

Grant holder: A. Aanesland, LPP

Spectra and data analysis of simulations of accretion shocks and jets from Young Stars

Grant holder: L. Ibgui, LERMA

4th Workshop on Radiofrequency discharges, Giens 29-31 May 2013
Grant holder: P. Chabert, LPP

Streaming instability in low energy cosmic rays
Grant holder: R. Smets, LPP

Study of gas discharges at high gas pressures and high gas temperatures. Development of High Pressure High Temperature Chamber for study of Gas Discharges
Grant holder: S. Stariskovskia, LPP

Study of X ray emission from collision induced highly excited states of ions
Grant holder: N. Sisourat, LCPMR

Ion beam source dedicated to ion composition spectrometers for space instrumentation
Grant holder: C. Verdeil, LPP

Vector Network Analyzer for RF measurements applied to electric propulsion.
Grant holder: J. Jarrige, ONERA