Institut Jean le Rond d'Alembert

Director: Pierre-Yves Lagrée
Location: Saint Cyr L’Ecole & Jussieu
Keywords: Mechanics, Engineering, Cold Plasmas and Catalysis, Energy, Turbulence.

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The IJLRA was created in 2007 and is the main laboratory in Paris dedicated to Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering. The laboratory is composed by more than 160 people (involving more than 100 as staff). The IJLRA also has a strong expertise in theory, experimental development and numerical simulations. The laboratory has five research teams:

  • Fluides Complexes et Instabilités Hydrodynamiques (FCIH)
  • Fluides Réactifs et Turbulence (FRT)
  • Lutheries - Acoustique - Musique (LAM)
  • Mécanique et Ingénierie des Solides Et des Structures (MISES)
  • Modélisation, Propagation et Imagerie Acoustique (MPIA).

Reactive Fluids & Turbulence (RFT), Team leaders: Isabelle Vallet & Maria Elena Galvez Parruca

Location: Saint Cyr l’Ecole and Jussieu

Keywords: Engineering, Cold Plasmas and Catalysis, Combustion, Turbulence.

RFT group develops internationally well-known activities in using the triptych: Theory, Experimentation and Simulation. The strength of the group is to combine experimental development and numerical studies on different fields important in the society such as environment, industry, health impact, etc. RFT Group is internationally well known more particularly in turbulence, combustion, and catalysis for energy conversion and plasma catalytic processes. The group develops new processes for combustion, clean energy and pollution control using cold plasmas as a tool and elementary element of the processes. In the field of turbulence, the team works on the detailed analysis of compressible flow physics using DNS (Direct Numerical Simulation) and develops advanced statistical turbulence closures (RANS and hybrid RANS/LES models). The team is also active in numerical analysis for the construction of very-high-order numerical schemes and their application to CFD through the development of an open-source software (aerodynamics@sourceforge).