Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions

Director: Benoît Perthame

Location: Jussieu
The LJLL is the largest laboratory in the field of applied mathematics in France (and one of the largest in the world), both for research and teaching. Its research topics cover the analysis, modelling and high-performance scientific computing for phenomena described by Partial Differential Equations.

A traditional presentation of the laboratory would involve putting forward mathematical tools that are studied and used. That would be neglecting the important fact that a substantial part of the work is placed at the interface with other sciences and that those tools are developed or simply used having in mind a better understanding of models coming directly from applications. That would also be neglecting the fact that the same mathematical tool can be used in fields as far apart as signal analysis and quantum chemistry. A presentation in structured teams would probably hide this double reality. In the present configuration, researchers are open to work in whatever subject is presented to them and are strongly encouraged to put their skills in common as opportunities arise.

Plasma team, Contact: B. Despres
Location: Paris

The plasma team mainly works on ITER relevant problems, with focus on the improvement of partial differential equations models and numerical methods, on the organization of plasma events in the applied mathematical community and on working in collaboration with other teams involved in magnetic fusion modelling.