A new arts & plasma physics exhibition

As the Plasma Reflection met a great success during the previous projects, PLAS@PAR decided to create a new exhibition to keep going the outreach actions about plasmas. A new partnership has been initiated with 2 libraries of Sorbonne University, on the Pierre et Marie Curie Campus (from November 26 to December 21, 2018) to reach sciences students (bachelor level) and on the Clignancourt Campus (from March 18 to April 12, 2019) to meet students in the humanities (bachelor level).

The Plasma Reflection surprises students who came to study in the library because it only works when students pass in front of it. Both exhibitions are illustrated with several books from the library collections.

In Pierre et Marie Campus plasma applications were represented with beautiful plasma images and explanations.

At Clignancourt library some work of art linked to plasmas  and a reflection about the link between arts and plasma sciences around three common themes « light, color and matter » are exhibited (a work done in collaboration with Sylvie Cabrit, Observatoire de Paris and Arnauld Pierre, Sorbonne University).

Concomitantly, the exhibition hosts concerts:

• March 28, 2019 (12h, 12h30 and 13h): Trio of electroacoustic improvisation by Pierre Couprie, Hugues Genevois & Vincent Goudard.

• April 11, 2019 (12h) Medieval works by the undergraduate students of the Music Department of Sorbonne University. Teacher: Katarina Livljanić.